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Greetings and HELLO!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Lafian Wellness Center. My name is Maria Dale, I’m a Certified Reflexologist and the owner of Lafian Wellness Center.

My goal is to ensure that every client leaves the wellness center feeling well balanced, relaxed and more informed about their personal well-being.


To ensure you receive the best results, we conduct our sessions in a relaxing and quite atmosphere.

We do not allow children or animals to be present during a session.  Adults are permitted but they must remain quiet observants only.  We do provide a waiting area in the shop area of the wellness center for adults who are waiting for their own individual session.

All cell phones in the wellness center must remain in silent mode.  We strive to make the area as noise-free as possible for the comfort of our clients.

Appointments are required to be booked 48 hours (or more) in advance, this is non-negotiable.  We do not book “last minute” appointments.

A NON-REFUNDABLE $25 deposit/payment is required for ALL appointments  in order to secure your time-slot. Please pay deposit when we call to confirm your booking or your spot will not be honored.

On making payment you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Lafian Wellness Center booking, cancellation and lateness policy.

A reminder of your booking with Lafian Wellness Center will be sent a minimum of 24 hours in advance of your booked session.

Full payment will be required for all services, on the date that services are rendered.

Cancellation and Lateness Policy

Whilst we understand, and emphasize with life’s emergencies, Lafian Wellness Center requires 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend a booked session.

Any sessions cancelled with less than 24hours notice will forfeit the deposit.

A 24 hours notice is required if you will need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If for any reason you have to cancel/reschedule your appointment, your deposit is good for 1 reschedule. After first reschedule/cancellation deposit will not be honored and another deposit is required for another booking.

If you feel unwell or are experiencing difficulties with your health or wellbeing and are concerned about a booked session, please contact me for a friendly chat and further advice, a minimum of 24hours in advance, otherwise your deposit will be forfeited.

If you arrive late for a booked session, Lafian Wellness Center will endeavor to honor your full session if time permits, however, in some instances this may not be possible and session length may be adjusted as necessary. In this instance you will still be required to pay the full session fee.

Begin Booking Your Appointment Below

Book an appointment with us by completing the form fields below.  When requesting your booking, select a day and time that is best for your own individual schedule.  We strive our very best to work around our clients schedules, because we understand that sometimes life makes it hard to work around typical “business hours”.

Available slots will be provided as you commence the booking process.  If the time that you wish is not available, then this means that the selected team member has already filled that slot, or is unavailable to work at that time.

If you are a current client, then you may contact the individual personally to see if she or he can work around your schedule.  If you are not a current client, then you will have to schedule for the available slots shown here online in the booking form.  You can discuss your scheduling needs once the team member contacts you about your booking.

We do NOT provide personal contact information about our team members, so please do not contact us via this website asking for their personal phone numbers or other personal information, because we will not give this information to you.

Once you complete the booking form below, we will call you to confirm your booking.

Each team member has their own set hours for booking appointments, so your confirmation call will come from the individual whose services you have requested.

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