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Make Sure You Maintain A Strong Foundation!

It is known that even the most powerful structures will collapse if they do not have a very strong foundation.  It does not matter how strong the powerhouse is, how strong the materials are that made it, nor how much effort went into building such a magnificent structure.  If the foundation fails, the entire structure will crumble into a useless pile of debris.

Your mind and body is your powerhouse.  Your feet, the foundation.  Many individuals focus on improving various parts of their bodies, while almost entirely ignoring their feet.

  • They will spend time cooking nutritious foods to maintain optimum health.
  • They go to the beach to relax to eliminate stress and share joy with themselves and others.
  • They spend hundreds (or thousands) on makeup, hair care, clothing and accessories so that they can look their very best.
  • They spend time exercising to keep their body toned and in shape.
  • They spend money to have their fingernails and toenails painted up to pretty perfection.

Yet, a simple and very basic pedicure is typically the maximum attention they give to their feet.

It Is Of The Utmost Importance That You Take Very Good Care Of Your Feet

The humble feet are sorely neglected by many.  This can become a severe issue that can significantly impact your quality of life.    Keeping your feet healthy is vital to your overall health.  Did you know that the soles of your feet have over 7,000 nerve endings?  These nerves go from your feet, to other areas of your body.

You are pounding those nerves endlessly as you walk, and for the most part, your feet handles the journey like a true champion.  When you think about it for a moment, you will come to the realization that our feet gets more abuse than any other part of our body.

It doesn’t matter if your are a man or woman, child or pet.  The feet do take a beating!  And there are things that you can do to not only improve the health of your feet, but also you entire mind and body.

Establishing A Powerful And Strong Foundation

If your feet are healthy, then you will be happier and healthier.  Feet have 26 bones, over 100 muscles, thousands of nerves, 33 joints, ligaments and tendons.  Feet are very complex, and as such, are the perfect foundation for providing a healthy balance and well-being.

If you have feet problems, then this can cause pain in other areas of your body.  Areas such as mind (pain causes stress), knees, hips, lower back and even your arms and shoulders.  If you have problems in your feet then it can also cause imbalance and problems with organ function.

When you have a foot problem, or pain in your feet, you will start walking in such a manner so as to avoid the pain.  This is a very unhealthy thing to do!  You may not even notice that you are doing it.  but in the long-run, this can lead to even more health issues because it causes parts of your body to misalign as you move in a way that your body was not intended to move.

Foot pain and problems can also cause lower leg pain and problems.  Any pain felt in your foot, commonly of course travels up the nerves, ligaments and tendons into your lower leg.  If you have pain in your calf, stiffness in your legs or if you have weak muscles in your legs then these things could actually be results of foot problems that you may have.

There’s more things to consider, when you consider the overall health of your feet.

Your Feet – Your Brain – Becoming The New You

Did you know that your feet can cause a detrimental impact on the health of your organs as well?  Your feet has sensory nerves and touch receptors that sends messages to your brain every second.  When your feet have a problem, your brain receives messages about there being a problem.  Your brain is a powerhouse in itself, so it naturally will take those messages and start delivering information to various parts of your body to make adjustments.

This information and adjustments are not sent just to areas of your body such as bones, skin and muscles but also to your organs (heart, lungs, kidneys etc.)  Now now individual can ever fathom the truly magnificent structure of the human body, it’s system and how it operates.  Nor should we.

Or bodies consists of a complex plethora of so many organs, nerves, bones, vessels, atoms that it can be not only complex but overwhelming if you take time to truly think about it!

Because your feet are used constantly when walking, standing, running, playing, driving (etc.), just take one moment to consider the beating that the bones, nerves and muscles in your feet are taking on a daily basis.

Your feet are intricately connected to your body in such a way that it greatly benefits you to consider paying extra special attention to them.

Many people never get a pedicure, and even if they do, they do not get much more than nails clipped, calluses worked on, dead skin removed, pretty polishes (if you are a lady) and a bit of lotion massaged into the skin.

A pedicure and/or simple massage is an amazing way to pamper your feet, yet your feet deserve more!  Your feet deserve a special kind of care, to help bring about a more empowered and healthier new you.

Reflexology is a method that takes attention to your feet to a new level.

I Have Never Heard Of Reflexology, What Is It?

British scientists discovered something amazing in the 1890s.  They discovered that nerves connect the skin and internal organs, and found that the nervous system has a tendency to adjust to outside factors including touch.

When a reflexologist touches the feet, it has been known to calm the central nervous system which promotes relaxation, alleviates stress and provides other healthful benefits.

Since the brain is the body’s powerhouse, some believe that the brain can also create subjective experience.  The brain sometimes reacts to physical pain, yet sometimes it can also create pain in response to mental distress (phantom pain due to lose of a limb is an example) or emotional distress (P.T.S.D. or lose of a loved one are prime examples).

Reflexology can help individuals who are experiencing these types of pain, if nothing more than by providing a relaxing session where one can simply relax and forget life’s worries if even for a few minutes.

A reflexologist uses a variety of techniques to work on various areas of the feet (zones).  Nerve endings are worked with the fingers and thumbs, to help ease foot pain, produce better blood flow and break up crystals (stress points) that may have accumulated in the bottom of the feet.  This in turn stimulates better blood flow to various parts of the body, while releasing more endorphins to help alleviate pain.  This stimulates the bodies natural healing processes  to help bring healing attributes to many areas of your body at once.

According to reflexology, the nerves in the foot correspond to individual body parts.  If you consider your nerves as “channels” that communicate throughout your body, then picture your right foot.  It has nerves that connect to the right side of your body.  So when a nerve is stimulated in your right foot, it causes stimulation up the entire nerve to where it reaches the actual body part.

One theory of reflexology considers that perhaps the nerves carry a limited amount of information, based on the amount of pressure that is being applied to the nerve ending.  Consider water for a moment, if you apply direct heat the water will warm up based on the amount of heat that is used.  Low heat results in warm water, yet high heat, results in water that boils.

The same can be considered for your nerves.  This is why deep tissue massage and a visit to the chiropractor is so enjoyable and beneficial.  When more pressure is applied, more relief can be enjoyed.

As you walk, your nerves in your feet are receiving fairly low pressure.  A reflexologist focuses on points with acupressure, to apply a specific amount of pressure to each area of the foot, to bring about relaxing relief.

Another theory is that when one encounters something that causes muscles to tense up, such as after injury or surgery, the blood circulation slows.  This can cause toxic crystals to form in the blood.  These crystals travel through the bloodstream to the end of the line, the feet (think gravity).

Over time, these crystals can accumulate into a cluster that can be painful to walk on (therefore pressing the nerves it is around, which can cause pain in other areas of the body).  By working on these “stress points”, a reflexologist can generally break up the crystals so that they once more flow through the bloodstream to be expelled from the body via sweat or urine.

Are These Theories Based On Science?

Not entirely, although there are many scientists that do believe these theories, it’s not generally accepted in the medical community.

Yet, if one considers how medicine has evolved, then one should not discount these theories.

Reflexology is a method that has evolved over time.  It is based on thousands of years of medical practice that has outlasted todays modern medicine by thousands of years.   It is known by several names, Zone Therapy, Qi, Acupressure, Shiatsu etc.

Evidence of reflexology dates back as far as 2500 BC where ancient papyrus illustrates ancient Egyptian medical practitioners performing reflexology treatments on patients feet and hands.

A 2019 study was conducted on individuals with breast cancer.  This study found that reflexology was beneficial for those individuals that received sessions.  Those who received four reflexology sessions were found to be significantly less fatigued than those that received no treatments at all.

Another study that was conducted in 2014, included 80 patients who suffered from anxiety.  Individuals who had undergone heart surgery, received reflexology treatments (20 minute sessions) once per day for four days following the surgery.  Other individuals (the control group) received a gentle foot rub with oil for 1 minute.  The persons who received the reflexology treatments reported a significant decrease in anxiety when compared to the control group.

A more recent study was conducted in 2020 on individuals with stage 2 hypertension or high blood pressure.  The study found that foot reflexology effectively reduced heart rate, and was particularly effective in reducing blood pressure.

In 2006 edition of the Reflexology Association of America journal notes something amazing.   60 post surgery patients were divided into two groups.  One was a control group that did not receive any foot reflexology treatments.  The other was an experimental group that did.  The end results showed a decrease in the amount of required pain medicine, as well as a decrease in pain score (how each patient ranked their pain).  The medication needs were down by more than 50 percent when compared with the control groups medication needs.

Of course it is hard to prove that reflexology was the reason for such amazing results.  There is no “scientifically proven” method to determine what caused such amazing results in these patients.  The reflexology treatments could have just proved a relaxing session that increased blood circulation, provided stress relief and a sense of calm where the mind was able to control the pain under a more “mentally calm” state of being.

Regardless of what caused the results to be so amazing, what matters, is that the results were significant!

I Am A Certified Reflexologist And Wellness Coach Here To Help You

Because one can never fully understand the workings of the body and mind, then what you should consider is the facts.

Reflexology is enjoyable, relaxing and considered a safe treatment that is so gentle that it can also benefit babies and pets!  The end results are achieved based on each individuals specific needs and amount of pain and stress that he or she may be under.

I provide foot care that goes beyond a simple pedicure / massage.  As a reflexologist, I focus on your feet by utilizing acupressure in a way to help bring a healthy harmony and balance to your mind and body.

Reflexology is relaxing, helps alleviate stress and helps to alleviate foot pain, and pain in other areas of the body.  I combine reflexology with aromatherapy, to ensure a total state of relaxation that my clients find very refreshing and pleasurable.

The acupressure points that I work on, are determined by a variety of different things.  A clients intake form informs me of areas of concern that each individual client has.  During the first session, the client enjoys a hot detox foot soak to cleanse the feet.

I then examine both feet, as I work to locate the stress zones that I will begin to work on.  I do this so that I can devote your precious time in those areas that need the most attention.

I will then conduct the reflexology session, based upon the amount of time you have booked the session for.

After the session is completed, I will then apply some relaxaroma oil to your feet, so that you will leave with them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

In subsequent sessions, I will continue to work on the stress points that were discovered in the first session.

Your Privacy Is Very Important To Me

I know how uncomfortable it can be to have your feet worked on in direct view of the public.    The locations I conduct my reflexology sessions are in areas away from the general public so that you can relax more comfortably without any anxiety or prohibitions.

I also fully understand how some individuals can be when it comes to their feet.  Because I am a certified wellness coach, I understand the importance of confidentiality.  I never talk about a clients feet (or feet problems) with others, unless a waiver is signed granting permission.

I conduct myself in a professional and ethical manner so that all of my clients can feel confident when booking me for their sessions.

Your Schedule Is My Schedule

I also know that sometimes it’s very difficult to get time off from work to schedule appointments.  And typically, time off is reserved more for medical needs (Dr appointments) than personal desires.

I maintain an “after hours” schedule for many clients, where they have their sessions scheduled right after they get off from work.

If you would like to book an appointment, click here and book it via the appointment booking page.  If the time you wish to book is not available, then request a time on the day that you would like to book your session and I will call you to go over your schedule so that we can determine a time most suited for both of us.