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We provide a variety of services to meet your health, wellness and beauty needs.  Some of our services include Reflexology – Self Care Facials – Raindrop Therapy  – Wellness Bioscans – Health & Wellness Consultations – Beauty Formulations Curations


Raindrop Therapy

The raindrop therapy uses soft music and soft touch to provide a healing and relaxing environment as essential oils are gently applied on the back, feet and hands.

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Raindrop Therapy


By applying specific pressure to over 7,200 reflex points on each foot and/or hand, a reflexologist stimulates the energy currents within the body.

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Wood Therapy

Wood therapy uses different wooden tools to help break down fat and cellulite. The wooden instruments are used to apply direct pressure to “problem areas” to aid in eliminating excess body fat.

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Wood Therapy

Self Care Facials

Learn skin care methods that you can do at home to help produce skin that looks fabulous. These methods will help rejuvenate the skin and aid in diminishing wrinkles.

Wellness Consultation & Bioscan

Complete wellness consultation where you will receive a Total Body Bioscan and 1 hour session to go over your health and wellness needs.

Herbalism & Your Health

Your wellness consultations provides various herbs you can use to help improve your overall health. From cooking to teas, learn great ways to add herbal use to your daily life!

Beauty Formulations

Beauty recipes that you can create at home to help keep your skin looking young, vibrant and fresh! Custom formulations available upon request.

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